CPR/AED Certification- Online course

Learn the basics of CPR from the comfort of your own home with the American Safety Training Institute (ASTI) CPR/AED Course.

This CPR/AED Certification will give you the skills and know-how to respond to a potentially life-threatening situation involving an adult, child, or infant with the speed and confidence required to save a life. The training is in English.

Note: This course currently fulfills the requirements necessary for taking the NASM-CPT or GFI NCCA exam. This course is online only. If a CPR Certification is required by your employer or insurance company, you should verify if online CPR/AED is an accepted method.

Upon completion, you will have a complete and working understanding of:

Program includes:

✔ There are 10 videos spread throughout the nine modules.

✔ Each module contains infographics and images to show you the necessary equipment, proper techniques, and steps to perform CPR.

✔ The certification exam includes 25 questions and you have unlimited exam attempts

✔The course is completely online, and a hands-on skills check is not included.

✔You will have access to the course content and exam for 2 years (730 days).

✔ Once you successfully complete the exam, you will receive a digital certificate.

CPR/AED Certification - Online course


5.200 RSD (44€)

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