Online Courses

Online Learning Advantages

Online course is an excellent alternative for busy people who cannot plan their time forward. This means you can attend the course whenever you wish. You can determine when to attend based on your availability. You can pause whenever you want.

You won’t oversee key information because you can watch every segment of the video as many times as you want until it is perfectly clear.

Online learning is a great way to overcome obstacles to your questions.



You may watch the lessons whenever it suits you.



You may always return at certain lesson if you were not concentrated or you didn’t understand something.


Open Access

You may watch the lesson via phone, tablet, or computer wherever you are.



Additional questions via email.

Over 30 years, NASM is known for quality lessons and educations, and successful professional trainers. All NASM courses are developed based on overall scientific researches performed at Research Institute in North Caroline, Chapel Hill.

In the structure of the company, NASM has a branch named AFAA; organization that is over 30 years in individual and group fitness education. Our vision is not just to improve physical aesthetics but to improve trainer’s and client’s life quality.

You will not only gain knowledge with NASM and AFAA certificates, but also advantages with hiring process because the certificates are internationally accepted.

Online Courses

Online course

Sign up for online education in English and earn internationally accepted certificate. You may watch the lessons via phone, tablet, or computer whenever and wherever suits you.

Online Course

You don’t have a job but you want to create your own worktime and that way increase your income. 9-5 job doesn’t attract you or you want additional job.

Online course

NASN Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) is proved program for decreasing muscle dysfunctions and helping clients move, feel, and live a better life.

Online course

As Certified Nutrition Coach you can change and improve your client’s health! This includes understanding metabolism, calorie needs, nutritional facts reading, portion size choosing…

Online Course

Attract and keep new clients! As Group Fitness Instructor you will learn how to plan and prepare a group session, accommodate a program based on your clients needs, and how to motivate them.

Online course

Create a powerful and efficient cycling program. Use scientifically proved and safe techniques. Learn to use the strength of music in order to awaken your positive energy during a session. Become an Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Online course

Online course for the Pilates Instructor is a program that is based on the original method of Joseph H. Pilates. It will help you perfect your core stabilization technique, balance, and posture…

Online course

Learn how to create a safe and challenging yoga lesson for different athlete levels. This program combines AFAAs traditional methods for group sessions with “Sunrise Yoga Format ™” yoga approach.

Online course

Learn the secrets for long term success weightloss training. Help your clients and yourself to lose kilograms and even more importantly, to maintain your body weight. Become a Weightloss Specialist.