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Advantages of online courses

An online course is an excellent choice for busy people who cannot plan their time in advance. This means that you can attend the course whenever you want, you decide when you will listen to the classes depending on your free time. You take breaks when it suits you.

It will not happen that you miss important information because you have the opportunity to look at each segment of the course an unlimited number of times, until everything is completely clear to you.

Online course is a great way to master all topics in the desired fields. You can ask any additional questions via email and you can expect an answer as soon as possible.



You listen to lectures at a time that suits you.



You can always go back to the lesson if you didn’t understand something or weren’t concentrating enough.


Open access

You can follow the lectures vie your phone, tablet or computer wherever you are.



Asking additional questions via email.Asking additional questions via email.

For over 35 years, the NASM organization has been known for quality education and professional, successful trainers. All NASM courses are developed based on comprehensive scientific research conducted at the Research Institute at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Within its company, NASM has a chapter of AFAA; an organization that has been engaged in group fitness education for over 35 years. Our vision is not only to change the body, but also to improve the quality of life of both the instructors and their clients.

With NASM and AFAA certificates, you will get quality knowledge, certificates recognized everywhere in the world, as well as the possibility of easier employment.

Online courses

NASM Online Course

You are unemployed, you want to create your own working hours and thus increase the possibility of earning. You are not in favor of sitting in an office chair for eight hours or maybe you want some extra work.

Online Course

Want to work with athletes to improve their performance? You train all your life, you are attached to a certain sport, and you have always wanted to become a Performance Enhancement Specialist?

Online Course

The NASM specialization in CORRECTIVE EXERCISE is a proven program that can be applied to reduce muscle dysfunction and help clients move, feel and live better.

Online Course

A brand new NASM specialization – NASM-PBC will give you the opportunity to advance your knowledge of training programming to meet the needs of clients who like to lift weights or compete in bodybuilding.

Online Course

As a NUTRITION COACH you can influence the health of your clients! This includes understanding metabolism, caloric needs, reading labels, choosing appropriate portion sizes…

Online Course

Learn the secret of long-term success in weight loss training – help yourself and your clients to lose weight and, most importantly, to maintain the desired body weight. Become a Weight Loss Specialist.

Online Course

Attract and retain new clients! As a GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, you will learn how to plan and prepare group training, adapt the program to clients of different physical fitness levels, and how to motivate them.

Online Course

Women have different needs for exercise at different stages of life! Help female clients successfully navigate life stages with NASM’s Women’s Fitness Specialization!

Online Course

Want to train clients from all over the world, anywhere and anytime? Increase the number of clients, and advance your career by learning all about virtual training management!

Online Course

With NASM’s Stretching and Flexibility Course, you’ll master the techniques and strategies needed to improve your clients ’flexibility.

Online Course

Learn how to lead a safe and challenging yoga class in multiple ways (levels). This online program combines AFAA’s traditional group fitness training teaching methods with the Sunrise Yoga Format™ approach to yoga.

Online Course

The course for PILATES INSTRUCTORS is an online program based on the original method of Joseph H. Pilates, where you will perfect the techniques of core stabilization, balance, correct posture…

Online Course

Create a powerful and effective cycling program. Use science-based and safe techniques. Learn to use the power of music to bring positive energy to your workout!

Online Course

This CPR/AED Certification will give you the skills and know-how to respond to a potentially life-threatening situation involving an adult, child, or infant with the speed and confidence required to save a life. The training is in English.

HFS Online Live Course

In the course Proper Nutrition and Supplementation, you will get the necessary information that keeps pace with the latest science. You will be able to successfully apply the acquired knowledge in yourself or in working with your clients.

Online Course

Learn what fascia is, why it’s so important, and how it develops through functional training. Learn to safely and effectively perform a wide variety of exercises with functional props.

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