Corrective Exercise Specialist – Online Course

How to become Corrective Exercise Specialist and improve your expertise?

As a trainer you often encounter clients who have low back, knee, feet, neck, or shoulder pain? You want to help them move, feel and live with better quality, but your are not sure what to do, which exercises to use, which order to implement, and how often to train?

Why is corrective exercising needed?

Who can benefit from corrective exercising?

The modern way of life has led us toward a life where we move less and spend more time sitting. Long sitting and fatigue result in compromised sitting position, back pain, bad posture and later deformities. As a trainer, it is needed that you understand that every client who you might work with is a potential victim to different diseases or injuries such as low back pain, ACL, and shoulder pain. These are just some of the most common.

The NASM specialization in corrective exercise is a proven program that can be applied to reduce muscle dysfunction. You can apply it to all clients, which will further increase the value of your business. Obtaining the Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) certification demonstrates your continued passion and investment in education, helping you better establish yourself as a leader in the fitness industry.

Program Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) can be applied on clients who are already in good physical condition but want more! Maybe they are preparing for a running or sport competition.

You will have knowledge which can be applied on clients  who want to achieve their peak performance, keep their movement health, and avoid injury. These  people push their body to its limit and challenge it every day.

Either being a conditioning, sports, fitness coach, or maybe you are a chiropractic or masseur, this course will give you the opportunity to improve your quality, become an expert, and help you clients the right way.

Sign up for the Corrective Exercise Specialist course and get yourself an internationally accepted National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certificate. NASM is an organization that has 35 years of leadership and experience in fitness industry. (

You can begin whenever it suits you based on your availability. You can access the lesson via phone, tablet, or desktop computer, wherever you are. You will get 100% quality experience and top digital content.

You determine by yourself when you’re going to listen to the course based on your availability. You can also pause or return to a lesson in case you missed something or you weren’t concentrated.

You will have 1 year access after starting the course in case you miss something important.

Thanks to the variety of our course list, no matter the age, everyone can find their interest and become an expert.

What will you learn

At this course you will learn how to design training sessions, correct posture disbalances, and that way prevent an injury or relief client’s pain. You will get a wide exercise variety so that your clients are satisfied and motivated.


Frequent Questions

English language comprehension is the only requirement because the lessons are in English. There is also a transcript which makes things easier. You will not have any trouble following the lessons if you understand English.

It is not needed. You will learn everything in the lessons.

All you need to do it send an email address with the course choice confirmation, and we will send you the sign up template.

Our students are between all ages and we are proud of everyone. We offer different courses, and everyone can find their interest.

Yes, it is internationally accepted.

It is not necessary, but it is important that you enjoy training.

You can begin whenever it suits you based on your availability. You can access the lesson via phone, tablet, or desktop computer, wherever you are.

Either you are beginner or advance learner, at our educations you can learn and improve. Follow trends and keep up with the latest training updates.

The price is 720 euros, divided into 3 monthly installments.

Education includes NASM interactive digital book, videos, presentation, resources for instructors which can be downloaded. exam tests, questions for exam preparation, and NCAA accredited exam.

After you’ve finished education, you will receive internationally accepted certificate!



85.000 RSD (720€)


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