Virtual Coaching Specialization
Online Course

Want to train clients from all over the world, anywhere and anytime?

Want to lead online trainings and learn all the tricks of an online trainer?

Increase your number of clients, and advance your career by learning all about virtual coaching!

An engaging online experience NASM’s online training specialization will provide you with the skills, tools and strategies necessary to start, operate or transition your current fitness business into a successful online business.

You will also be able to help clients from all over the world anywhere.

As part of this specialization, you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct online fitness assessments, how to target clients in a virtual environment, how to run a business digitally, effective sales and marketing strategies and much more!

What do you gain by completing this course?

Enroll in an online course from one of the world’s leading organizations in the field of fitness education – NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). An organization with more than 35 years of experience and leadership in the fitness industry (

Advantages of online training:

What will you learn in the course:


Chapter 1: Introduction to Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching provides the ability to train more clients, avoid geographical limitations, and increase revenue but comes with certain challenges as well. This course provides the necessary business, physical training, behavioral and technological knowledge necessary to build a thriving virtual training business.

Chapter 2: Building a Business

A sustainable business requires strategic planning and considerations that extend beyond having knowledge of exercise science principles. This chapter will provide information related to financial forecasting, budgeting, bookkeeping, sales & marketing, and how to differentiate your virtual coaching business in a competitive marketplace.

Chapter 3: Technology Considerations

From filming high-quality videos to choosing the correct video conferencing software, this chapter will review the necessary and ancillary technologies that will help fitness professionals develop, run, and scale a successful virtual training business.

Chapter 4: Communication and Coaching Strategies

Communication is necessary to establish and maintain a trusting trainer-client relationship. This chapter will review best practices for virtual communication from the initial visit to explaining programs and maintaining compliance.

Chapter 5: Administering Virtual Assessments

Based on your client’s goal, sport, or previous injuries, it is important to develop a baseline and ongoing assessments to achieve outcomes in the safest and most efficient manner possible. This chapter will review how to develop and execute comprehensive assessments in a remote capacity utilizing technology and other resources.

Chapter 6: Implementing Coaching Sessions

Recommendations and guidance for appropriate spacing, flooring, lighting, camera angles, equipment, and coaching cues will all be provided in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Integrating Wearables into Virtual Coaching

This chapter will focus on education and validation of health and performance of common wearable biometrics. The development of data-driven programs, and how to leverage wearable data for compliance monitoring and client reinforcement to maintain motivation and retention.

Chapter 8: Selling Virtual Coaching

Understanding individual expertise and personal goals will help fitness professionals develop a niche, unique selling proposition, and pricing model to differentiate from the competition and drive sales.

Chapter 9: Marketing Virtual Coaching

Fitness professionals must be savvy and possess a working knowledge of marketing strategies to attract potential clients. This chapter will review marketing resources, the 4 P’s of marketing, and how to leverage social media and referrals to attract new virtual clients.

After the completion of the course, you will take an online final exam from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests. The test is 100, multiple-choice questions. You are allowed to go back and reference the course while taking the exam. The exam is timed and cannot exceed 90 minutes. To pass, you need a score of 70% or higher and you have up to 3 attempts to pass.

How does an online course work?

The advantage of the online course is that you can listen wherever you want and when you want, at a time that suits you.

You have one year to access the course content.

The course includes: video lessons, manuals that you can save to your computer, 34 infographics, a database of recordings with exercises, questions for exam preparation, as well as the final test.

The training isin English, with a transcript below each video presentation (also in English) that makes it much easier to understand.

The exam is in the form of a test in which you recognize the correct answers.

Education includes:​

Frequently asked Questions

The Virtual Coach Specialization (NASM-VCS) course is worth 1.5 NASM and 15 AFAA CEU credits.

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You need to know English. The course is in English, with a transcript below each video presentation (also in English) that makes it much easier to understand. It will not be a problem for you to follow the lectures if you have studied this language before.

You can start online course whenever you want. You determine the time when you will attend classes depending on your free time. You can access the content from your phone, tablet or desktop, wherever you are.

You will have 1 year from the day of enrollment to access the course content. You will get access to the exam separately from the content and you will also have one year from the day of enrollment to take your final exam. Also, you will have a total of 3 attempts to pass the exam.

The final exam is administered online. It is all multiple-choice questions and can be taken on your personal computer or mobile device, upon completion of the course content. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and 90 minutes for completion. You must score a 70% or higher to pass, and you will have 3 attempts.

Don’t worry! You’ll have 3 attempts within one year to pass the final exam. If you do not pass the first time, you can pause, go over the areas you were not sure about again, and then try again. You can also buy additional tests at a price of 149 euros.

When you successfully pass the exam, the certificate will be immediately available to you in electronic form on your NASM account.

The NASM Virtual Coach Specialist Certificate does not expire and you do not need to renew it.

The price of education is 499 euros, with the option of paying in 3 monthly installments.

The course includes: video lessons, manuals that you can save to your computer, 34 infographics, a database of recordings with exercises, questions for exam preparation, as well as the final test.

After completing the course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate



58.300 RSD (499€)

If you need help or additional information on how to purchase a course, visit this LINK or contact us.

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