Pilates Instructor – Online Course

How to become an excellent pilates instructor in short period of time and earn an internationally accepted certificate?

You want additional education in order to improve pilates lessons and offer better quality for your clients? Or maybe you a fan of body and mind program and you want to apply for pilates instructor?

Either being a beginner or intermediate pilates instructor, at this education you will gain new and  improve your current knowledge and keep step with fitness industry trends.

Learn the importance of core stabilization, body balance, strength and flexibility incorporating concepts of carefulness, fluidity, and graciousness.

The course is based on original method of Joseph H. Pilates which connects eastern and western philosophy and tradition. Program includes 28 practical Mat pilates exercises that focus on the inner and outer conditioning.

Instruktor pilatesa

Sign up for the Pilates Instructor course which is founded at  NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), USA. The organization has 35 years of experience and leadership in fitness industry (www.nasm.org).

You may start the course whenever suits you best, and you can access the content via phone, tablet, or computer wherever you are! You will get 100% quality experience and top digital content.

You determine by yourself when your going to listen to the lessons based on your availability. You may pause or return to a lesson in case you missed something or you weren’t concentrated.

After starting the course, you will have 1 year lasting access if you missed an important information.

What will you learn

At the course you will learn:


Frequent Questions

English language comprehension is the only requirement because the lessons are in English. There is also a transcript which makes things easier. You will not have any trouble following the lessons if you understand English.

It is not needed. You will learn everything in the lessons.

You need to send us an email about which course have you chosen, and we will send you the application template.

Our students are between all ages and we are proud of everyone. We offer different courses, and everyone can find their interest.

The certificate is internationally recognized.

It is not necessary, but it is important that you enjoy training.

You can begin whenever it suits you based on your availability. You can access the lesson via phone, tablet, or desktop computer, wherever you are.

Either you are beginner or advance learner, at our educations you can learn and improve. Follow trends and keep up with the latest training updates.

The price is 149 euros.

Education includes video presentations, a script that follows video content, questions for exam, as well as the final exam.

Pilates Instructor


17.580RSD (149€)


14.000RSD (119€)

In case you need help or more information about how to buy course, follow this LINK or contact us.