Take advantage of the discount and buy one of the packages at a 20% lower price. Become a professional in your business and stay one step ahead of your competition.

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Certified Personaln Trainer + Certified Nutrition Coach

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Kupite naša dva najpopularnija kursa u paketu i uštedite 20%. Be one step ahead of your competition and earn a globally recognized certificate.

1899 evra 1519 evra

Performance Enhancment Specialist + Corrective Exercise Specialist

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Specialize in working with athletes and help them maintain movement efficiency and avoid injury as they challenge their bodies and push their limits every day.

1598 evra 1278 evra

Weight Loss Specialist + Certified Nutrition Coach

20% OFF
Invest in your future as well as the future of your clients. Learn all about proper nutrition, as well as the physiological and psychological challenges of losing weight.

1798 evra 1438 evra

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