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Certified Personal Trainer

An ideal opportunity to start your career in the world of fitness by obtaining an internationally recognized certificate that is fully accredited by EREPS. Step into a world of endless possibilities! Sign up for education at a 15% lower price!
- 15%

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Discover the relationship between functional anatomy, the human movement system, and optimal movement and how this applies to the overall corrective exercise strategy. Take advantage of the discount to take your expertise to the next level.
- 15%

Certified Nutrition Coach

With this education, you will acquire broad knowledge that you will be able to easily apply in working with clients. You will learn the latest scientific knowledge in all areas related to fat loss, muscle gain and overall health improvement.

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Become a professional trainer

These courses are for all those who want to improve their knowledge and skills. To gain security and self-confidence. If you are not a coach, with the help of our trainings you can profile yourself as a coach. If you are already a trainer, our courses will clarify all your ambiguities and improve your existing knowledge.

How to get a certificate?

Depending on which course you choose, you will receive clear instructions and guidelines on how to master everything that is expected of you. Whether you opt for online course or live training, you are guaranteed continuous support by answering all your questions.

About us...

This organization was created on the basis of many years of experience in holding trainings in this area throughout the region. We provide you with systematic knowledge divided into theoretical and practical part.

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