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How to order an HFS course?

HFS – Health & Fitness System is an organization specializing in fitness training. Many years of experience and knowledge place us at the very top when it comes to training and courses in this area. In addition to online courses conducted by NASM and AFAA organizations whose partners we are, we conduct education through traditional courses – live courses, and as a novelty we have introduced HFS online courses that we have carefully created with the knowledge and many years of experience in working with many course participants.

You can buy the HFS online course via paypal (khow to create a paypal account) or by simply calling 069/331-9973, after which you will receive instructions for filling in the payment slip and the order will be created by our team with the possibility of using the course you bought. All courses you buy are available at our website, when logged in. You will receive login information immediately after purchasing the course if you order the course by phone or create it yourself during registration in case you decided to buy via paypal.

Take a look at the offer and choose the course according to your wishes and needs.

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