Functional Training Specialist - Live Course

What is functional training and why is fascia so important?

If you want to be up to date with the newest training concepts that are constantly expanding, this course is the right choice for you!

Learn what is fascia , the importance of it, and how to improve it through functional training. Learn how to stay safe and efficient during the execution of various exercises using functional props and bring your training to another level.

Functional exercises efficiently activate whole body muscles and improve overall results. This will help you improve your form and functionality which result in using less energy when you perform your daily activities.

Sign up for the course conducted in Serbia, Novi Sad and it lasts two days.

Organization Health and Fitness System (HFS)  was founded in order to unite all fitness courses at one place. All you need in order to become a successful trainer can be found here. HFS conducts educations collaborated with the Association of Recreation and Vojvodina Fitness, as well with Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Novi Sad, Serbia. The organization is also a provider for NASM National Academy for Sports Medicine.

Our certified trainers work in their countries and abroad since our certificates are internationally accepted.

What do you get with this course?

Live course is a perfect choice for those who can adjust their schedule to attend live lessons. The lessons are interactive and you can ask questions. Other trainers will also attend the course and this gives you an opportunity to practice practically with lecturer supervision.


Novi Sad November 27th

The experience of course starters

Frequent Questions

High school degree is needed.

It is not needed. You will learn everything in the lessons.

All you need is to contact us via email, and we will send you the sign up template.

Our students are from various ages and we are very proud of them. We have many different educations, so everyone can find their interest.

Yes, it is internationally accepted.

It is not necessary, but it is important that you enjoy training.

Enrollments are accepted throughout the whole year. Education is conducted twice a year.

Either you are a  beginner or advance learner, at our educations you can learn and improve. Follow trends and keep up with the latest training updates. In case you are not satisfied with the course in the first 15 days, money return is guaranteed.

Education price is 179 euros.

The literature will be sent electronically and you will have constant assistance throughout the education.

All additional questions can be asked via email and expect our reply in the shortest amount of time.

Functional Training Specialist


21.000 RSD (179€)

In case you need help or more information about how to buy course, follow this LINK  or contact us.