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Designed for professionals but made for everyone, the TRX PRO4 SYSTEM is our most advanced and versatile strap ever. Train at any level of intensity using your own body weight to reach your full potential. Easy to adjust, easy to use, easy to clean. The packaging is lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.


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More than a decade of research and testing has resulted in a TRX prop that lasts even when exposed to daily, heavy commercial use. It is primarily designed for fitness centers with a large number of exercisers who use it for both personal and group training. TRX PRO4 represents a very profitable investment for fitness centers, but also for personal and fitness trainers who want to include one of the most popular workouts in the world in their offer. TRX PRO4 is a prop intended for professional training processes. It can be used in various conditions with daily intensive use. It is made of high-quality materials, designed for use in fitness centers with antibacterial rubber grips, improved material texture, adjustable foot stirrups and a theft-resistant carabiner. The TRX PRO4 suspension trainer can be used for individual training and training in smaller or larger groups. Depending on the type of exercise, the TRX PRO4 prop can be adjusted to different lengths, and each workout can be personalized and adapted to the physical form of the exerciser, whether he is a beginner or a professional athlete. Parts of the TRX PRO4 Suspension Trainer: * Carabiner tested at 590kg * Equalizer – maintains the balance of the length of the two tracks * Two color exercise bands – indicates the central part of the band * Buckle to adjust the straps * Antibacterial rubber handle * Adjustable stirrups TRX Suspension Training® simultaneously engages a wide range of muscle groups, improving overall strength and mobility. Also, thanks to this type of training you can: increase fat burning, build lean muscles, improve cardiorespiratory fitness and improve flexibility. Independent studies have shown that exercising with TRX props has a positive effect on the muscles and the cardiovascular system and thus greatly contributes to the improvement of an individual’s health.

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